Arresting the ice

To arrest is to hold something temporarily. Ice sculpture is a temporary art form.  This is what attracts Thomas to ice the most. “It’s super fun,” he says. “I don’t have to look at it tomorrow. If I want to, I can do it over again.” Nature takes its course, so the craft has includes the challenging element of anticipating how it might melt and defying the odds.

Thomas’ edge over competitors is in his willingness to do figurative works. Most people shy away from figurative because it’s open to judgment and critique. “Not as many people do it,” he says. And the risk pays off – Thomas has competed around the world, placing in the top three for the past 15 years.

Thomas is also well known by event and wedding planners for his versatility in creating ice sculptures for every occasion –  from ice bars to decadent centerpieces to sponsored entrance signs. His motto over the years has been: “No matter what you envision or dream, I can create it.”